Save Me Bankroller Quick money status App.

About Bankroller

  • Green means you are making money. Red means you are loosing money.
  • Track your gambling money?
  • Essential for gamblers.
  • Essential for Managing in and out money.
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Track in and out money

Simply enter an amount and tap either (lose) or (win)


  1. You want to quickly see by how much your are making money if you see the number with a green background or how much you are loosing money when you see your number with a red background.
  2. Each time you gamble at the Casino just enter your wins or loses.
  3. You might use this App to track your travel or project (renovation, party, event) expenses.


History from newest to oldest


  1. You want to view your entries.
  2. You want to delete one or more entries.

Export Data to CVS file

Export all your data into a .cvs file (comma-separated values) on one of your iCloud files folder or email or text message etc.


  1. You want all your data into a file that can be imported into a spreadsheet program like Excel and Numbers. So that I can generate queries, grouping and charts on my own.
  2. You want to backup data. Currently all your data are stored in your iCloud App data since Bankroller v3.0 meaning that if your device is lost/stolen when re-downloading on a new device with the same iCloud account, your previous data will still be available.

Privacy Policy

  • We do not collect any Personal Information.
  • The Application does not use third party services that may collect information used to identify you.

Terms of use

  • This Application is provided by 9191-5256 Quebec Inc. and is intended for use as is if you choose to use it.

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